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How to draw 3d hole on paper by Art of Rohit

How to draw 3d hole on paper step by step by ArtofRohit

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Hello friends,here step by step tutorials for to draw 3d hole on paper. We will draw it with the help of one point perspective method and try to give shadow effect for the square or rectangular boxes.So let's start

Stationery tools we need:

1.Graphite pencils -2b,4b,6b,8b
2.Black marker
4.Blendings stumps
5.White paper

                    Important points:

  These are some important points we must remember when we going to draw 3d hole.First we need to make the structure of the wall or boxes by using one point perspective method. Second we need to give shadow shade for the boxes from certain angle so it's help us to make it realistic drawing. Another important point is we need to sketch the hole with the black marker so it's look deep. After remembering these we can proceed for to draw the 3d hole drawing.

Drawing straight square coloumns with the help of scale

1.First step: we draw square coloumns on paper with the help of scale. Here we are using 2b graphite pencils for to draw after drawing the square coloumns we can proceed for further steps.

Step by step tutorials, online drawings,

2.Second step: we draw the structure and shape of the hole . Here we are drawing with the help of square coloumns and dark the shape or structure of hole  with the help of 4b graphite pencils.

Drawing hole wall by using one point perspectives

3.Third step: we need to draw the hole wall by using the one point perspectives. Here we take one point perspectives at downward centre point and give the structure of wall and here we give height to he wall at certain size by using draw straight line by keeping certain distance of main structure. By following these steps we give proper structure to the walls.

Here drawing square or rectangular boxes by using one point perspectives

4.Fouth step: we draw the square or rectangular boxes in 3d on paper. Here again we can draw the height of square or rectangular boxes by using one point perspectives and match all lines of upper surface of square, by following these steps we draw all the rectangular or square shape of boxes in 3d.

How to draw outlines of to draw 3d drawing

5.Fifth step: we dark the outline by using black marker of the surface of square and rectangular boxes and also square coloumns of surface because it's help to make it realistic.

How to draw deep hole on paper Step by step tutorials

6.Sixth step: we draw the deep of wall by using the black marker and it will help us to gave the depth of hole and shade the wall of  height surface area with 6b pencil and blend it with blending stumps and give smooth texture the walls.

Step by step tutorials for to draw walls , draw shadow to the boxes

7.Seventh step: we draw the walls of square boxes by using 6b or 8b graphite pencils and blend the surface of the walls of square boxes by using blending stumps. Friend's we need to add shadow for the boxes so we draw the shadow area by using 4b pencil and blend it for smooth texture. We draw shadow from angle from certain side it helps us to make it realistic 3d hole drawing.

I hope you will understand to draw the 3d hole drawing and you can easily draw it by following these steps. For more information watch our step by step darwing video

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