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How to draw wooden house scenery drawing step by step tutorials

How to draw Wooden House scenery on paper with graphite pencils step by step by ArtofRohit

Hello friends,here step by step tutorial and guidance for to draw the wooden  house scenery drawing. For to draw the house select the reference house picture otherwise create  house structure in your mind with  your own creativity. Here we will going to draw thiswooden house scenery drawing.
                How to draw house scenery drawing, step by step guide 

Things we need:

1. Drawing graphite pencils- 2b,4b,6b,8b 
2. Charcoal pencils soft
3. Blending stumps and tissue papers
4. White paper

                      Important points

Some important points we must remember when we going to draw. Here are these points:
•Draw the  outline with light grade pencils 
•Draw sky clouds with the help of darker pencils.
•Try to give wooden texture shade on roof and wall with the help of pencils when we draw wooden house
•Realise all the details of house and  draw the details with the pencil

How to draw outlines, house outline, outline for houses

1. First we will draw the outline of wooden house by using 0.5 or hb graphite pencils. We need to take care that when we draw the outline of roofs,walls and gate that we need to give recantuglar shape to he roof and wall that it gives us look wooden ply or wooden walls. By following these steps we will complete the first step and proceed to second step.

How to draw lighter shades, 2b pencil shading

2.Second step: we will draw the lighter shades of the house with the help of 2b graphite pencils. Start to shading the roof surface first and then proceed to the walls, windows, gate and the object exists in your scenery. Observe where the lighter shades needed in your drawings and draw according to the reference image.

How to draw windows, gate , step by step guide, tutorials online drawings

3.Third step: we draw the walls, windows and gate for the house by using 4b graphite pencils . One thing we must remember when we draw the walls,windows and gate for the house we need to give the  wooden texture by using pencils and it's helps us to make house look more realistic.

Usings darkers pencils for to draw outlines for to highlight the details

4.Fourth step: here friends we will dark the outlines by using 8b pencils and it will help us to give the relastic look for the wooden house.

Blending with blending stumps on house

5.Fifth step: we will blend the shading areas with the help of blending stumps and tissue papers. The main purpose for to blend that it will help us to give smooth shading areas 
and started to looks more realistic.

How to draw background of scenery drawing, step by step guide

6.Sixth step: Now friends we will draw the background areas for our scenery drawing. Here I am drawn sky with the help of charcoal pencils and then blend it with the of blending stumps for smooth shading and apply more darker shades for darker skies and floors.

Now friends our wooden scenery house drawing is completed. By following this steps you can draw the house scenery drawing easily and make it to looks realistic. For more information you can watch our step by step video

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