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How to draw broken walls in few steps - step by step tutorial

Broken WALL Drawing- step by step tutorial by Art of Rohit

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Hello friend's,once again welcome to our new interesting drawing tutorial blog. Today we will learn to draw broken wall on white paper with the help of graphite pencils. Before we start let's know the drawing tools we need for to draw the broken wall.

Drawing tools we need

1.Graphite pencils - 2b,4b,6b & 8b
2.Mechanical pencil
4.White paper

                         Important points

These are some important points we must remember when we are going to draw broken walls on white paper:
•First try to draw the broken wall structure and shade it according to the reference broken wall image.
•Draw the crack walls by using the mechanical pencil for to drawing proper crack details on wall.
•Try to use paperstumps for to give smooth texture on broken walls.
After knowing all this important points let's start step by step tutorial for to draw broken wall on white paper.

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1.First step: In this step friend's we will draw the outline of broken walls. Here for to draw the outlines I am using mechanical pencil 0.5mm and shade it with the help of 2b pencils.

Cracked wall drawing, step by step tutorial for to draw walls, how to draw walls, easy to draw walls structure, walls Drawing

2.Second step: In this step friend's we will draw the cracked wall structure with the help of mechanical pencil. Draw with the help of reference image otherwise use lightning structure for proper cracked wall drawing.

Step by step tutorial for to draw broken walls, cracked wall structure drawing, easy drawing for kids, learn to draw

3.Third step: Here we will shade the broken walls by using 4b pencils. First we will draw recantuglar block of different or irregular sizes on paper and shade it pencils. This will help us alot to give relastic drawing of broken walls. Also remember that you must have to left centre point for hole structure

Blending broken walls for smooth texture, how to draw broken walls, step by step tutorial of crack wall drawing, drawing for kids, easy drawing for kids, crack wall

4.Fourth step: At last step friend's we will blend the broken walls for smooth texture. For blending you can use paper stumps or tissue paper. Also add some details by using darker grade pencils like 6b or 8b. By using this four steps friend's you will be easily able to draw it.

I hope friend's you will be able  to understand to draw the broken walls for more information you can watch our YouTube video

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