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How to draw 3D Block letters with graphite pencils - step by step tutorial

Drawing '3D' word in 3d block letters - step by step by Art of Rohit

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Hey guy's, once again welcome to our new interesting 3D drawing tutorial blog. In this tutorial we will learn to draw words in 3D BLOCK letters. Here I decided to take word 3D for to draw in block letters. So let's start but first we need to know the drawing tools that we need for to draw.

Drawing tools we need

1.Graphite pencils - 4b & 6b
2.Mechanical pencils

                        Important points

These are some important points that we must remember when we are going to draw 3D block letters.

•Always try to draw with the help of two point perspectives or one point perspectives because from this method we get right 3D drawing with right angle.
•Shading will be done according to the block letters angle and size.
•Always try to draw shadow texture for block letters and cut the paper into half parts by lefting drawing remove upper part.
After knowing all this important points let's start our step by step tutorial for to 3D block letters.

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1.First step: In first step friend's we will draw the outline of 3D with the help of mechanical pencil. Use 0.5mm grade pencils for lighter outline. For to draw proper outline use grid method otherwise draw with freehand.

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2.Second step: In this step we will draw line from one to each corner point of 3D outline. Here for to draw lines using one point perspectives with the help of scale and use mechanical pencil for to draw scale. Now you can see in above image that our '3D' word started to look in 3D block letters.

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3.Third step: In this step we will complete the outline of 3D word. One thing you must take care that you need to draw a line of fixed centimetres. As you can see here I take 3cm for to draw line and each lines must be of same size. Again match outline on backward part for to complete for 3D look.

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4.Fourth step: Now friend's we will do shading for our 3D word drawing. For Shading first I shade internal layer of 3D word using 6b graphite pencils and for shading upper layer using 2b pencils for lighter shades. Dark the some corner areas according to the above image.

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5.Fifth step: In this last step friend's we will blend the shading areas with the help of paperstumps. After blending we will draw straight in middle of 3d drawing and cut it with the help of paper cutter. Remove upper part by lefting drawing with the lower paper part.

I hope friend's you will enjoy it and understand my process for to draw 3D block letters on paper with graphite pencils. So more information you can watch our YouTube videos and watch our new interesting tutorial.

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